Native Planting Season

Fall Planting Season

Native Planting Season runs all the way until March or April, but get a headstart by visiting our Nursery this fall! Planting in the fall can be more beneficial for your native plants by helping them establish stronger root systems. This allows preparation for new growth and blooms during spring and summer. Soil amendments are not necessary since the plants are already well adapted to your area. Weeds are also going dormant in the fall, meaning that they are less likely to outcompete your newly planted native trees, shrubs, and perennials. Additionally, leaf-eating insects are more active in the spring and summer than they are in the fall.

With thousands of plants from the many habitats of California, the Garden offers the widest selection of native plants on the central coast. 

Considering replacing your lawn or some of your water-loving planting beds? Most California natives are drought resistant. Speak with our knowledgeable staff about what plants are best for your garden or come to some of our weekend workshops on Sundays at noon. You can also visit our Gardening With Natives page for an abundance of information that will help you prepare and care for your plant sale purchases.

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