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SBBGPhotos website and image gallery

From this SBBG website, you can access more than 80,000 images from the SBBG Blaksley Library archive. 

This website is the proud outcome of the Garden’s IMLS-funded Digital Image Database Project begun in September 2008. 

About SBBGPhotos

Garden staff and volunteers have spent thousands of hours sorting, organizing, accessioning, digitizing, processing, archiving and databasing photographs in the SBBG archives. This is an ongoing project and the Garden will include additional photo collections as they become available.  

In addition to SBBG historical, cultural and architectural images, this collection also features images of California native plants, planted and natural landscapes, and animals.

Simply browse the galleries on the SBBGPhotos homepage, or you can use the ‘keyword’ search bar to find images by subject, or use the ‘advanced search’ form for specific or combined searches.

The SBBGPhotos website and image gallery


The Garden would like to thank all of the photographers over the years who have contributed
to the SBBG Blaksley Library photo archives. Your photographs form the foundation of this image project.
If you have information to share, the Garden is very much interested in updating the photographer information throughout the SBBGPhotos database.

If you enjoy photography (landscape, macro, panorama, time-lapse, portrait, event, etc.) and would like to become a 'Photographer Volunteer' at SBBG
If you are interested in donating your photographs to the SBBG Image Library
Please contact the Information Resource Steward, or call (805) 682-4726 ext. 107