June in Your Garden

Summer is a time to escape the summer heat by exploring the shady sections of your Garden.

June plant highlights:

image of SBBG cultivar, Salvia cedrosensis 'Baja Blanca' in bloom  image of Dudleya traskiae in bloom ~ photo by Sally Isaacson image of Chilopsis linearis blooming in the Desert Section at SBBG ~ photo by Sangeet Khalsa image of Humboldt Lily blooming in the Meadow Oaks Section at SBBG ~ photo by Tricia Wardlaw

  • Sages (Salvia spp.) – bloom March into late summer & autumn
  • Live forever (Dudleya)– blooms in June
  • Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) – blooms into autumn
  • Humboldt Lily (Lilium homboldtii) – blooms in June

Gardening tips:

Reduce watering for summer-dormant natives. Water new transplants deeply only when top few inches of soil are dry.

Wildlife activity: