April in Your Garden

Spring is an adundant season with colorful flowers, butterflies, birds, and the fragrance of sage and other aromatic plants.

April plant highlights:

image of Garden cultivar Iris 'Canyon Snow' blooming at SBBG ~ photo by Shari Smith image of California Flannel Bush (Fremontodendron) blooming on the Porter Trail at SBBG ~ photo by Tricia Wardlaw image of Monkeyflower blooming by the Blaksley Boulder at SBBG ~ photo by Tricia Wardlaw image of Salvia 'Winnefred Gilman' blooming alongside Eriogonum giganteum

  • Pacific Coast native Iris - bloom April-May
  • Flannel bush (Fremontodendron) – blooms in April-May
  • Monkeyflower (Mimulus spp.) – bloom April into summer
  • Coral bells (Heuchera) – bloom April-May
  • Sages (Salvia spp.) – bloom into late summer & autumn
  • California lilacs (Ceanothus spp.) – different species bloom into June, attract hummingbirds & butterflies

Enjoy the wildflowers and fragrant foliage of your native plant garden!