Insects & Spiders

Western Monarch Butterfly Count

Join the local team conducting the Western Monarch Butterfly Count of overwintering western monarch butterflies at Elwood Grove and other nearby locations. Documentation helps us understand the declines in monarch butterfly populations.

For more information, please email the regional coordinator, Charis van der Heide.

Find out more information on other ways you can support monarchs in your home garden on the Garden's monarch butterfly page.

Bumble Bee Watch

Bumble bees are essential pollinators in agriculture and wildlands, however many species are suffering alarming population declines and lack data on their distribution and trends that aid with conservation efforts.

The Xerces Society's nationwide Bumble Bee Watch project helps scientists determine the range of each bumble bee species, a first step in understanding how we can help this critical pollinator throughout the country. Participation is as simple as signing up and uploading photos of bumble bees.