Patrick O'Hara Art at SBBG

Patrick O'Hara's watercolor collection, "Wildflowers of California", specially commissioned by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, is the culmination of a lifetime involvement with plant conservation, and nearly 40 years experience as an artist.

O'Hara has established a worldwide reputation for his own particular style of botanical works of art over four decades — firstly making unique, life-size, porcelain sculptures, and then more recently for his paintings in watercolor.

Patrick's abiding concern is that his work should be used to champion the conservation of plants in their own natural habitats. Most traditional botanical artwork has tended to depict plant specimens with great fidelity but isolated from nature. His work is based on personal observations of plants in nature with their associated insects and other animals, helping us to understand the relationships that are what ecology is all about.

SBBG exhibitions of Patrick O'Hara artworks:

image of Patrick O'Hara paintings on display at the Wildling Art Museum

Exclusive Limited Edition Prints at the SBBG Garden Shop:

Patrick O'Hara's watercolor collection "Wildflowers of California" is comprised of thirty original watercolor paintings.  Signed and numbered, limited edition (1-250) prints of the first twenty-five paintings are available for purchase exclusively at the SBBG Garden Shop

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Presents the "California Wildflower Collection of Watercolors" by Patrick O'Hara