Matching Gifts

Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit which doubles the gift to the Garden. The process for submitting a matching gift claim differs from company to company and must be initiated by the employee. Some require a completed paper form, others have an online system, still others request claims be filed by telephone. Matching gifts count toward donor recognition levels!


Case study: A matched gift to the Garden

Laura B. works for New Corporation—a company which matches all employee gifts to tax-exempt organizations. With this in mind, Laura makes a $175 gift to the Garden to support our educational outreach programs. Subsequently, when she visits the website of New Corporation’s human resources department to obtain the necessary matching gift forms, Laura discovers the company will match not only her gift, but also her hours spent volunteering for the Garden—at the rate of $5 per hour.

Laura has—

  • received a charitable income tax deduction of $175;
  • contributed $550 to the Garden—$175 as a direct gift, $175 as a matching gift from New Corporation, and $200 as another corporate gift tied to her 40 hours spent volunteering as a fundraiser for the Garden; and

qualified for recognition as a donor of more than $500.