Member Spotlight

Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson"My memories of the Garden go back to the early '60s, when my parents brought me out to visit quite often. It seemed like a magical place to me, filled with redwood trees and wildflowers.

Now, 50 years later, the Garden is the place where I come to remember my parents.

The trees are a little taller now, and nature has brought changes both good and bad, but the Garden is still a magical place for me, a beautiful setting where the wildflowers still glow beneath the mountains, and the paths help me retreat into fond memories of an earlier, quieter time. It was my favorite place growing up in Santa Barbara.
It still is now. And it always will be."

Margaret Connell

Margaret Connell"Our family has enjoyed the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden for over 40 years. Early on we came with our small children who had a wonderful time playing in the creek below the rock crossing at the southern end of the canyon. They now come with our grandchildren. My parents, visiting from England, loved the Garden and added Ceanothus and other California natives to their garden when they got home. The canyon has always been a special place with the redwood grove, the sound of running water and a sense of quiet peace. May it last for another 85 years or more!"

Stacy Bloodworth

image of Stacy BloodworthStacy Bloodworth spent the summers of her childhood in Santa Barbara visiting family, but her history with the Garden dates back about five years when she first visited to enjoy its hiking trails.

Stacy’s relationship with the Garden continued to grow and recently she became the Garden’s volunteer event photographer. “It is a different experience to volunteer at a Garden event and see the community and staff involvement. There’s a special love for the Garden that develops when one volunteers,” she notes.  A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, Stacy’s passion is in capturing candid moments as they unfold. Her gift is sharing that moment with others through her craft. 

image of Kathleen Crocetti oak mosaic at SBBG, photo by Stacy Bloodworth

Pictured here is an unexpected moment captured during the Kathleen Crocetti stained glass exhibit this past summer, when a guest wearing a striking white dress stopped to admire this colorful piece entitled Coast Live Oak with the reflecting light of the fading day shining through. The contrast created more than a gorgeous photograph, but also evoked the feeling and emotion of being there. According to Stacy, “you can’t stage a moment like that.” When she isn’t volunteering at Garden events like the Orchid Show Gala, Trails ‘n’ Tails, and the Members Picnic, you can find her donating her time and services to other Santa Barbara events such as the Parade of Lights, Harbor Festival, and Hugs for Cubs. The Garden is so fortunate to have Stacy’s talent and passion as part of our corps of fabulous volunteers.

Peter Schuyler

image of Peter Schuyler in his gardenPeter Schuyler’s interest in landscape design dates back to the 1970’s, when he was employed as a gardener at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

“It’s where I learned what native plants need in a garden in terms of their horticultural environments and learning which areas work for plants to thrive best,“ he says. 

Now a restoration ecologist, and an SBBG Board member, Schuyler has taken his love of native plants and created a relaxing oasis in the comfort of his own backyard. “My vision was to create something that primarily used natives or else it had to be edible fruits or some sort of vegetable.” Using his expertise in the area of ecology, Schuyler built his own water filtration system that would allow his plants to be fed through Mother Nature’s natural elements. “I collect all the rainwater off the roof so 6,000 gallons of water goes in to gutters then flows into a series of filters and tanks,” a system that decreases the use of municipal water. Schuyler’s yard contains over 150 native California species, including drought-tolerant plants and numerous plants from the Channel Islands.


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