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We want to say THANK YOU for your support of the GardenBecause of you, we are able to further our mission in two important waysFirst, here at the Garden, we connect visitors from all walks of life to the natural world. And, across California, we work to conserve native plants and habitats, not only ensuring the survival of these species but all the other species that depend on them – and that includes you and me. 

The Garden plays an increasingly important role in our communityAs more and more people realize the benefits of being outside, our membership base and visitation are at an all-time high. Now it’s time to build upon this momentumfostering greater awareness of the regenerative power of native plants and the role they play to support biodiversity and our way of life – for generations to come.  

More than ever, our work to protect native plants is criticalCan you help ensure no plant goes extinct by donating to Santa Barbara Botanic Garden today? 

As we face a hotter and dryer California due to climate change, biodiversity loss is accelerating at an alarming rate. But there is reason to remain hopeful, and perhaps even optimistic. While today’s headlines offer a grim forecast, our work at the Garden shows us there are attainable solutions available. So rather than waiting for global or even local policy changes, you have the power and can be a part of the solution right now.  

By choosing native plants, you heal past damage and support the entire web of life.  

By planting drought-tolerant native plants, you use less water, reduce emissions, sequester carbon, and add habitat for a wide range of species. There are many nature-based solutions, just like this, you can put into action. For instance, while planting any tree provides carbon sequestration and shade which can reduce energy use and mitigate the heat island effect when you plant native tree, you also create habitat for hundreds of other species ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive despite other threats.  

Getting started is easy with our Grow Native: Plant with Purpose insert card, offering 5 ways you can create wildlife habitat by transforming your backyard (oporch) into “conservation corridor. Yes, the small things you choose to do at home can have a big impact – for you, your family, your neighbors, your community, and cumulatively, the entire planet 

So, join us as we build a community of native plant advocates and lead a movement towards a healthier planet - one native seed at a time.   

Let’s keep the momentum going forward. Whether you are a home gardener, hiker, teacher, or busy professional, the Gardens programs help deepen connections to nature, ultimately ensuring its protection for the future.  

Will you join us in this work by donating to our annual fund? Through your donation, you support 78-acres and five miles of meandering trails that are just a stone's throw from the bustle of downtown. More than that, you are investing in a team of people who, through their work in the Garden and beyond, are championing a better future for us all.  


In gratitude, 


Steve Windhager, Ph.D. 

Executive Director 

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 


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Your gift helps The Garden protect biodiversity and showcase California native plants all year round.

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