Campbell Trail

Situated along the Campbell Trail, the Chaparral Section features plants found on dry, rocky, or gravelly slopes of the coastal and interior mountain ranges of California. A great diversity of deep-rooted, thick-leaved, evergreen shrubs occurs in the chaparral plant community. Chaparral is adapted to periodic wildfires, which rejuvenate this plant community by recycling nutrients and providing sunlight and space for seeds to germinate while killing disease and pest organisims.
Prominent components of this community, such as Arctostaphylos, Adenostoma, Ceanothus, Dendromecon, Eriogonum, Epilobium, Garrya, Malacothamnus, Mimulus, Rhus, Ribes, and Salvia, are featured in the Chaparral Display. A wealth of annuals and bulbs also occur in this community, especially in recently burned areas. 

For information about the location of a display within the Garden please see the map below.

image of campbell trail map