Dr. Robert Muller

Dr. Robert Muller is a Research Associate and the former Director of Research at the Garden. 

He came back to his home town of Santa Barbara in 2000 after teaching plant ecology and dendrology for many years at the University of Kentucky, where he also served as Department Chair. He received his PhD in Ecology from Yale University, and his research interests are in plant community ecology and long-term change in community composition and structure. He has published widely on energy flow and nutrient dynamics, soil chemistry, and ecosystem relations in hardwood forests, having over 40 publications in refereed journals from Ecology to Oecologia to Science.

At the Garden, Bob has focused on California forest trees, chaparral, fire, and urban forestry.
He also taught courses in the Vegetation and Flora of California as well as Introductory Biology at UCSB. Look for his newly revised edition of Trees of Santa Barbara, co-authored with Garden Instructor Bob Haller.