Dr. Dieter Wilken

 image of Dr. Dieter Wilken at SBBGAs a full-time employee of SBBG from 1993 to 2013, Dieter focused his time on establishing the Garden's conservation program, building the conservation seed collection, and conducting various research and restoration projects focused on the rare plants of the California Channel Islands and the Central Coast region. His applied research included field studies focused on documenting rare plants in a wide range of habitats, as well as studies of the reproductive biology of selected species grown at the Garden.

In an ongoing effort to document and share the SBBG Herbarium specimens collection, Dr. Wilken continues to enter detailed SBBG Herbarium specimen collections data into the Consortium of California Herbaria database as a Research Associate. He is also working on completing his taxonomic treatment of Ipomopsis for the Flora of North America Project and continues an ongoing herbarium project at UCSB's Cheadle Center.

Please contact Dieter Wilken with any questions about the SBBG Herbarium collection.