Eighth Annual Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Conservation Symposium

Date: Saturday, January 11, 2020

Time: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Instructor: Richard Louv & 7 Panelists

Location: Santa Barbara County Education Office

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Conservation Symposium has been postponed. Please stay tuned, as we plan to hold another Symposium when it is safe to do so.

The Annual Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Conservation Symposium, established in 2012, is designed to address topics that are critical to environmental conservation in our region, as well as nationally and internationally. The keynote speaker is the winner of that year's Pritzlaff Conservation Award, which is given to a global trailblazer in conservation.

Registration fees include lunch.

Children in Nature: Prescription for a Healthy Planet

Children today are in nature less than ever before, and they are suffering for it - with obesity, depression, attention disorders, and a dampening of creativity. Without that connection to nature, we are also losing the next generation of conservationists. Award-winning author Richard Louv coined the phrase “nature-deficit disorder” to describe this problem and helped launch an international movement to connect children, families, and communities to nature. It will take a toolkit of strategies to fix the problem, and they are as diverse as our communities. Join us for the Eighth Annual John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Symposium as we learn about - and even experience - these proven strategies from experts. Participate in our panel discussion as together, we take it to the next level - to build a generation of healthier, happier, and smarter conservationists. 


Richard Louv headshotRichard Louv 

Author of Last Child in the Woods and Keynote - The Challenge of Nature-Deficit Disorder

No one is a bigger champion of getting kids back in nature than Richard Louv. It isn’t only that he literally wrote the book on it – Last Child in the Woods - he also put his theories into practice.  Richard co-founded the Children & Nature Network, launching an international movement to connect children, families, and entire communities to nature. He knows that there is a lot riding on this effort, since children who spend time in nature are, as he says, healthier, happier, and smarter. And it certainly helps that he is wonderfully articulate. Mr. Louv is a journalist and author of ten books, many of them about re-connecting humans to health and happiness via nature. He has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, Orion, and Outside, to name a few. But he doesn’t just write about connecting people with nature, he takes his message to the streets and the airwaves, appearing frequently on national radio and television programs, and speaking internationally on “nature deficit disorder,” a term that he coined to describe the consequences of our current disconnect. If you are an environmental educator, you’ve been touched by Richard Louv’s work. We at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden are thrilled to present the 2020 John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Award to Richard Louv. 


Fernando Gomez headshotFernando Gomez 

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority - How Nature Changed My Life





Jennifer Adams headshotJennifer Adams 

Latino Outdoors - Engaging the Latinx Community in the Outdoors and the Importance of Empowering Leadership Within our Community 







Mark Wilkinson headshotMark Wilkinson 

Healthy People Healthy Trails - Healthy Children, Healthy Planet





Laurie Bostick Cammon headshotLaurie Bostick Cammon 

Pediatrician - Prescribing Nature for Individual and Community Health






Scot Pipkin headshotScot Pipkin & Chris Lortie (not pictured)

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden & National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis - Exploration and the Power of Nature for Cognitive Growth: Daily Practices and Tools







Dan Fontaine headshotDan Fontaine & Marlen Limon (not pitcured)

Wilderness Youth Project & Santa Barbara Education - Where Nature and the Classroom Meet







Bridget Lewin headshotBridget Lewin, Andy Lanes (not pictured), & Paulina Somosa (not pictured)

UC Santa Barbara Environmental Studies - Developing Ecological Literacy Through Educational Community Connections






Schedule of Events

10-10:20: Welcome, videos, presentation of award

10:20-10:40: Richard Louv

10:40-11:00: Fernando Gomez

11:00-11:20: Jennifer Adams

11:20-11:40: Mark Wilkinson

11:40-12:00: Laurie Bostick Cammon

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-1:20 Group activity, Scot Pipkin & Chris Lortie

1:20-1:40: Scot Pipkin & Chris Lortie

1:40-2:00: Dan Fontaine & Marlen Limon

2:00-2:20: Bridget Lewin, Andy Lanes, & Paulina Somosa

2:20-2:40 Break

2:40-4:00 Panel discussion


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