Dudleya: Conservation Through Cultivation

Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019

Time: 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Instructor: Panelists

Location: Blaksley Library

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This lecture will run rain or shine.

During his 35-year tenure as Horticulturist for the Garden, Dara Emery launched several Garden programs that continue to this day, such as the annual Fall Native Plant Sale, the Garden Growers Nursery, and the Plant Introduction Program. Each year, the Garden honors the horticultural legacy of Dara Emery with this very special lecture.

This Year

Dara Emery Join us for an evening of intriguing discourse at the annual Dara Emery Memorial Lecture. This year a panel of experts on Dudleya will each share their unique perspectives on the complicated question of where conservation ends and horticulture begins with these plants beloved for their strange beauty. Panelists include Stephen McCabe, Director Emeritus of Research at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum; Heather Wehnau, Garden Plant Propagation Manager; and Mark Elvin, Biologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The discussion will begin with an overview of the unique life histories and ranges of Dudleya, which is a highly diverse genus. Next we’ll take a look into how these factors create specific challenges and opportunities for propagation and care. We’ll also delve into the ethics and best practices associated with collecting plants for horticultural purposes. As ornamental specimens, Dudleyas have the ability to transform any space whether outdoors or in, making them coveted by wild poachers.

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