CNPS Channel Islands Meeting (September)

Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Instructor: Kirsten Sheehy and Shelley Bennet

Location: Blaksley Library

Join the California Native Plant Society, Channel Islands Chapter for their monthly meeting.

7:00pm General announcements
7:30pm Talk begins

FREE - No registration required

This Month

Kirsten Sheehy and Shelley Bennet are members of the UCSB Riparian InVasion Research Laboratory (RIVRLab). The RIVRLab is interested in studying the impacts of non-native species in riparian and aquatic systems and developing methods for their management. Kristen and Shelley will be speaking about their work with invasive non-native species in the lab.

Kirsten’s primary focuses is Cape Ivy, Delairea odorata, a perennial vine that has invaded coastal riparian systems in California. She will speak about her work developing best lab practices for mass rearing of a USDA approved Cape Ivy biocontrol agent, the Cape Ivy Fly, Parafreutreta regalis and plans for future work utilizing novel release protocols for successful implementation of this biocontrol agent in Southern California.

Shelley’s focus is the impacts of invasive shot hole borers (Euwallacea spp.) in southern California riparian systems. These pests are an emerging pest that has just recently moved into Ventura County and is expected to show up in Santa Barbara soon. Shelley will speak about the threat shot hole bores pose to native trees with a focus on her research in determining beetle host preferences and differences in host susceptibility, documenting spread in the Santa Clara River watershed, and testing of low-toxicity control methods.

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Kirsten Sheehy graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2017 with a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is currently a Research Specialist in the UCSB Riparian InVasion Research Laboratory (RIVRLab).

Shelley Bennett is a PhD student in the Riparian InVasion Research Laboratory (RIVRLab) She received a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2012 and an M.S. degree in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco in 2016. Shelley is broadly interested in ecology, land management, and conservation in the context of plant-insect interactions.