Gleason-Potter Exhibition

Date: Friday, December 1, 2017

- Thursday, March 29, 2018

Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Instructor: Kevin Gleason & Chris Potter

Location: Pritzlaff Conservation Center Gallery

Open to the Public normal Garden Hours

Local plein air artists Kevin Gleason and Chris Potter will showcase the beauty of Santa Barbara’s natural landscapes in the Pritzlaff Conservation Center Gallery. From ocean bluffs to woodland trails, Gleason and Potter translate natural hues, plays of light, and idyllic scenes into stylized masterpieces with an animated quality.

This selection of their work will feature iconic local views – including new paintings of the Garden from two perspectives.

FREE with Garden admission

Opening Reception rescheduled for January 21, 2-4pm


Kevin GleasonKevin Gleason

"There is nowhere I’d rather be than on a new trail through some wild place with my family with my paints in my pack. Over the years, my work is constantly wavering along the spectrum from representation to abstraction. What has persisted is that the paintings have always been about the beauty and connection that can be found in nature. I see my paintings as souvenirs of transient moments, fossilized in paint to hang on the wall and remind me to go hiking and visit those places again. I’m attracted to saturated color and crisp edges.

These days I enjoy working most in Casein, acrylic and oil depending upon my circumstances. I work almost entirely in plein air, letting the whole world be my studio. I live with my wife Lauren and our two outdoor-loving daughters in Santa Barbara. I have taught art for eighteen years at Dos Pueblos High School."

Chris PotterChris Potter

"I go outside nearly every day to try and capture what I see and feel. No two days are alike and there are so many beautiful places that it’s impossible to run out of subjects and inspiration. My studio is the great outdoors! Every time I hike out to an amazing spot, I get an overwhelming sense of potential. The joy of creating something new gives me hope for a brighter future.

After growing up at the edge of the empire, Goleta, I attended UCSB. Never wanting to be a 'starving artist' I kept art in the background as a career choice. As a junior, I had an epiphany: I didn’t care if I was starving, I wanted to become an artist. Unfortunately, upon graduating in 1998 I had to pay rent and was forced into a cubicle for 13 years as a stockbroker. The call of the coast, the mountains, and the beauty of Santa Barbara was too strong and lead me to quit in 2009. I’ve never looked back. We live in a time and place where dreams can come true. Hopefully I can inspire others to follow their own hearts’ desire."

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