Picking Plants with Patrick: Slopes & Erosion Control

Date: Sunday, October 27, 2019

Time: 10:00AM - 10:30AM

Instructor: Patrick Wiley

Location: Blakesley Library

Space still available. Please check in with Instructor when you arrive.

Don’t let your yard go downhill! Soil erosion and rainwater run-off are common issues for homeowners in our region. It can be tricky to create a beautiful garden and conserve natural resources in a yard with lots of topography. Garden Nursery Manager Patrick Wiley will help you choose plants to stop erosion, recharge the water table, and frame your beautiful views. Patrick will highlight plants that grow low to the ground, spread easily, and don’t require lots of maintenance like Canyon Grey Sagebrush, prostrate varieties of Ceanothus, and low-growing Manzanitas.

Space still available. Please register at the class  Garden admission is not required to attend.


Patrick WileyPatrick Wiley was born and raised here in Santa Barbara. He received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Cal Poly, SLO with an Environmental Horticulture concentration. He brings his 10+ years of high desert and native plant knowledge, his on-going dedication to our local community, and the ability to “chit-chat” to the Garden Growers Retail Nursery full time.

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