Healing with Flower & Plant Essences

Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Time: 6:00PM - 7:15PM

Instructor: Erin McKeever

Location: Pritzlaff Conservation Center Gallery

This class has been cancelled

For centuries humans have engaged not only with the physical components of plants for medicinal purposes, but also with the spirit or 'essence' of plants to facilitate awareness and transformation on deeper levels. Western culture has grown intellectually disconnected from the natural world, which is the root of many of our environmental problems today. This class presents one way to re-engage with the subtly of nature and enhance our personal wellbeing. This approach to spirituality revisits the interconnectivity of humans as part of the natural ecosystem.

Join Erin McKeever, M.A., for an introduction on the foundational aspects of healing with plant and flower essences. This is an opportunity to discover some of the alternative emotional, mental, physical and spiritual impacts plants can have on our wellbeing.

Please bring a cushion or back-jack to sit on. Indoor and outdoor spaces will be utilized, so extra layers for changes in temperature are advised.


Image of Erin McKeeverErin McKeever, M.A. has been studying, practicing and teaching in the fields of spirituality, psychology, plant spirit wisdom and elemental essences, embodied movement, felt sense intelligence, vibrational healing, and meditation for over 20 years. Her integrative, light-hearted approach facilitates revelatory shifts in perception and energy patterns to support expanded states of awareness and transformation. She has traveled extensively throughout the world exploring spiritual and earth wisdom practices and the impact they have on our sense of belonging, depth of well being, and capacity to create mutually sustainable relationships with the natural world.

For more information about Erin's work, contact her by email or call (310) 463-5089