Good Fungi, Healthy Roots, Happy Natives

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Time: 2:00PM - 3:30PM

Instructor: Robert Kourik

Location: Blaksley Library


There are amazing beneficial fungi that promote the healthiest roots of native and ornamental plants. Nearly all plants, especially trees, need this symbiotic relationship for superior growth. Almost all California perennials, native trees and shrubs form this mutally-beneficial relationship. This lecture will explain what the relationship is (called mycorrhizal association), where in the roots it happens, how to promote it, how it increases yields and whether or not purchased inoculants are needed. The roots of native plants, landscaping plants, and fruiting trees will be covered.

Many thanks to sponsor Michael Marzolla, for bringing Robert back to Santa Barbara. 


Image of Robert KourikRobert Kourik started his organic maintenance and landscape design company in 1974 - long before the word sustainable "existed". Since that time his designs, consulting and books have focused on organic and sustainable gardens, water management, drip irrigation, and edible landscaping. He is the author and publisher of nine books, including the new Understanding Roots - that is the basis of this class.

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