Painting Heave by Cynthia James

The Secret Life of Flowers

August 6, 2018 - November 26, 2018

Cynthia James paints in oil on wood panels and copper playing with reality in a magical style combining techniques used by Bosch and Audubon with a fantastical contemporary edge. Experience the magic in her new exhibition in the Pritzlaff Conservation Center Gallery.

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Image of Cut flowers at Beer Garden taken by Kristen Hehnke, Veils & Tails Photography

Bringing the Wild Inside

August 24, 2018

Create a beautiful flower arrangement to take home using California Native Plants. Perfect for beginner to advanced floral designers.

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Image of Pine taken by Tricia Klein

Garden Tour: California Conifers

August 25, 2018

Experience the Garden’s magnificent trees on this free specialty tour focusing on some of California’s conifer species.

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Image of Riparian woodland taken by Jennifer Gidaro

Herbal Medicine of Riparian Plants

September 1, 2018

Join local herbalist, Emily Sanders, and learn about some of the medicinal uses of native riparian plants.

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image of Meadow Oaks at SBBG

Gardening Under Oaks

September 1, 2018

The Garden’s head horticulturist and certified arborist Bruce Reed leads a discussion of the do’s and don’ts of gardening alongside the Central Coast’s premier shade tree. 

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California Naturalist Program Logo

California Naturalist Program

September 5, 2018 - November 14, 2018

Join us for this innovative program developed to foster a committed corps of volunteer naturalists and citizen scientists.

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Image of Manzanita taken by Betsy Collins

Pruning Natives De-Mystified

September 8, 2018

Take some of the mystery out of pruning and maintaining your natives with this informative workshop led by Garden Horticulturist Bruce Reed. 

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Image of Tea Ceremony taken by Randy Wright

Teahouse and Garden (September)

September 8, 2018

Visitors and members are welcome to experience our ShinKanAn Teahouse and Garden.

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Image of Sound bowls taken by Asura Serra

Meditation with Sound

September 9, 2018

Join us for this soothing meditation through the vibrations of various instruments such as Tibetan/Crystal singing bowls, voices, bells and rattles.

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Image of Crystalline Iceplant on Santa Rosa Island taken by Nancy Deacon-Davis

CNPS Channel Islands Meeting (September)

September 18, 2018

This month: Impacts of Crystaline Iceplant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) on the plant and arthropod diversity of San Nicolas Island

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