Plans For the Future

In 2016, the Garden completed the work funded by the successful $14 million Seed-the-Future Comprehensive Campaign including opening the Pritzlaff Conservation Center and creating/renovating five new gardens.

Over the next two years, we will learn how to best use and maintain this new and improved infrastructure. After the intense focus that was required to execute a major campaign, the Garden will now refocus, with our increased capacity, on delivering our three core programs: Education, Horticulture, and Conservation Research.

2017-2018 Goals

    • Conduct research to understand, protect, and restore California’s native plants
    • Promote and demonstrate how native plants can be used to improve aesthetics and achieve sustainability goals
    • Be a leader in California native plant horticulture and ecological education to inspire action
    • Ensure the Garden’s financial and organizational capacity to achieve our mission
    • Fully evaluate and assess our performance and effectiveness as an organization and prepare for a longer term strategy to begin in 2019

Strategic Plan 2017-2018

This two-year interim plan continues on the same path as the previous five-year strategic plan. In 2017, we began a robust and comprehensive strategic and business planning process to develop a five-year plan for 2019-2023.

Landscape Master Plans