Lichen blooms at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The Garden was featured on KEYT News Channel 3 on January 18, 2019.

January 18, 2019

KEYT News Staff

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Days of rain are helping vegetation in the burn areas sprout back to life. 

"But once the rain comes it's like a freight train moving the growth begins at a really fast rate," said Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Horticulturalist Bruce Reed.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is reaping the benefits of the recent rains.

"That's kind of the story of California, is it holds its breath until the rains begin to fall," said Reed.

Much like lichen, which went into active growth once the rains fell.

Reed said a similar story is playing out in the mountains, in the recent burn areas," the hills are greening up like mad, in fact, the burn scars are greening up even faster than areas that didn't burn."

The regrowth of vegetation has happened at the botanic gardens before.

"This garden burned in the Jesusuita Fire in 2009 it was a lunar landscape ... within two years people did not recognize that there had been a fire," said Reed.

Reed says the greening of the hillsides should give us comfort, the plants adding large scale coverage of the mountains and the root systems giving it stability.

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