Board of Trustees

Tom Craveiro, Chair
Valerie Hoffman, Vice Chair
Edward Roach,Treasurer
John Parke, Secretary

Samantha Davis
Lou Greer Frost
John Gabbert
Gil Garcia
Elaine Gibson
Sarah Berkus Gower
William Murdoch
Gerry Rubin
Warren Schultheis
Kathy Scroggs
Jesse Smith
Susan Spector
Susan Van Atta

Vision Statement

Our vision expresses what we aspire to be valued for and embodies our purpose.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden envisions a world where society understands the interdependency between people and plants, and acts to preserve the natural world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is what we do to achieve our vision.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden fosters the conservation of California's native plants through our gardens, research and education, and serves as a role model of sustainable practices.