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The Garden is a pleasant place to visit in all seasons. The Garden selects and displays plants native to California in a variety of settings that depict natural habitats. From towering redwoods to delicate grasslands, over a thousand species are located on the grounds.  

We hope that these self-guided walks will enhance your enjoyment of the Garden.

Self-guided Tour maps:

image of California coast live oak tree (Quercus agrifolia) at SBBG image of pine needles & pine cones from Pinus muricata by Dieter Wilken

Conifers in the Garden

Oaks in the Garden

Self-guided Garden Tour Itinerary for Visitors:

We have prepared this self-guided walk for your education and enjoyment. Along the way you will gain some insight into the Garden's colorful past, while learning about California's native flora and other fascinating aspects of the natural history of our local area. Walking at a leisurely pace, the route will take you about one hour to complete.

The Self-guided Tour booklet includes historical information about the Garden and its buildings and grounds. You will also read about the origins of individual plant specimens along with information on the plants, animals, and rocks found here. Some of the plants most important to the Chumash and other California Native American groups are also featured.

  • The 26 stops along the path are marked with small numbered signs

We hope that this self-guided walk enhances your enjoyment of the Garden.
Please share your comments about this guide with our staff so that we can continue to improve our services for Garden visitors.

You may borrow a copy of the booklet and/or a laminated map of the tour route at the entrance kiosk.
Please return any borrowed materials to the entry kiosk when you leave the Garden.

Download the Self-guided Garden Tour Itinerary