Garden Explorations

Celebrate California native plants with us!

Our family friendly Garden Exploration classes offer options for parents: register for the class and learn alongside your child and remember the joys of discovery in nature, or sign up for a leisurely morning enjoying a light breakfast on the cottage deck while your child is exploring in class. 

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Class Topics

June 13: Follow Your NoseForget fragrant flowers! Discover the diversity of the aromatic foliage of California native plants. Why do you think so many of our plants have perfumed leaves? 

June 20: Bees and Blooms Did you know that California has over 1,400 species of native bees? How do our native flowers attract pollinators? What do black lights have to do with this class?

June 27: Seeds on the MoveHave you ever wished on a dandelion seed head, and helped them spread their seed? Plants have some wonderful and surprising ways to move their seeds around.

July 11: Creek CrittersDoes exploring the creek on a summer day sound like a great way to spend a morning? Wherever water pools up in Mission Creek in the summer months, critters are sure to be found! 

July 18: Awesome Owls Have you been wishing you could meet Max, our famous local owl? Now’s your chance, as you learn more about the owls in the Garden! 

July 25: Thorns, Prickles & Spines: What is the difference between thorns, spines and prickles? Join this Garden quest as we figure out which plants have which. 

August 1: Milkweed, Monarchs & More:  Most of us know that monarch caterpillars eat milkweed, but do you know about all the other insects and other animals that rely on this single native plant? 

Augsut 8: Catastrophe in Mission Canyon! What on earth is the catastrophe in Mission Canyon? Join our final exploration of the summer to find out what would happen if you were in the Garden 1,000 years ago!