Youth & Family Activities

We're making changes! To help support youth and family learning we are redesigning our Discovery Garden to make way for Walk through the Watershed. The exhibition is perfect for our youngest visitors and offers a place-based approach that connects wildland and urban environments.

Inside the Garden Shop, you will find a variety of games, books and educational toys for children of all ages.

Explore the Garden: the Garden's exhibits and seasonal plants are ever changing. Each time you walk the trails, whether alone or with your family or friends, you will discover beautiful new dimensions to our carefully cultivated displays.

  • Bring a hand lens (available for sale in the Garden Shop) and binoculars. 
  • Walk quietly if you want to see wildlife
  • Notice the early buds of spring
  • Investigate which types of plants are in full bloom
  • Note which plants have leaves that are changing color
  • See if any plants have lost their leaves
  • Check the ponds for turtles and fish
  • Look for animal footprints, tracks, and droppings
  • See which colored flowers are visited by butterflies, bees, or hummingbirds
  • Look for lizards darting across the rocks
  • In fall, look for gray squirrels busy collecting acorns
  • Check for activity at the "woodpecker pole" near the Arbor Terrace