Curriculum Resources

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is proud to present The Discovery Garden: Exploring California’s Biodiversity, a guide for elementary school teachers.

Written by the SBBG Education Department staff, this guide features over 15 activities to be completed with students either in the classroom or at the Botanic Garden’s Discovery Garden, as well as background information for teachers. Complete with State Science correlations, the activities focus on the areas of Ecology, Plant and Animal Adaptations, Life Cycles, Plant taxonomy, Native American uses of Plants, and Plant and Animal Relationships.

This 123 page Guide is available as a downloadable PDF. Lesson and worksheet reproduction is limited to classroom use only.

Download The Discovery Garden: Exploring California's Biodiversity

The Discovery Garden

The Discovery Garden, in the Arroyo Section, is a special garden designed for visitors of all ages, but especially for elementary and middle school students. Our goal is to interest visitors in the spectacular biodiversity and complex interactions of California’s natural ecosystems. The Discovery Garden is designed to introduce several main educational topics, and many sub-themes, which have special fascination for children. You will find information here about California’s oak woodlands as well as the importance of freshwater habitats, while exploring the creek, stream and pond, and observing the oaks, redwoods, and chaparral nodes. The pollination garden offers the opportunity to witness bees and hummingbirds darting from flower to flower. Discovery Garden tours are included in our Docent-led Nature Walks for school classroom field trips.

For further information on any Garden education program or resource, please see our SBBG School Program Guide. Many additional resources for teachers are found in the Garden Shop and the Blaksley Library at the Garden.