X-Stream Science

Future Naturalists

Time spent in nature when growing up leads to the adoption of environmentally sound practices as an adult. The Garden is the ideal outdoor classroom, a place for safe exploration of native plants and the myriad of organisms that rely on them. The Garden offers the perfect setting for teens to develop a deep connection with nature that will shape their environmental decisions as adults.

X-Stream Science Team

Our watershed-based program is focused on the study of the rich diversity of life found in the Garden. Teens learn about native plants, birds, insects, and more, while documenting the species found in the Mission Creek riparian corridor. X-Stream Science Team members explore natural history and field biology in a way rarely available in high school. Access to lab space and microscopes further enriches the experience. Team members are able to fulfill community service high school graduation requirements by creating educational materials and exhibits and/or staffing a ‘Discovery Station’.

For more information, please contact the Garden's Education Programs Coordinator, Michelle Cyr or call (805) 682-4726 ext 161.