Seed the Future - FAQ

What is the goal of the Capital Campaign?

The Garden seeks to expand and enhance our gardens; enrich our work in conservation and education with new, modern facilities; and increase the Garden’s long-term sustainability. The Seed the Future campaign will incorporate past campaigns and broaden community support. We will raise $14 million from 2012-2014.

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Critical Components and Campaign Budget

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Frequently Asked Questions

How has the Garden changed since the last campaign?

New leadership made focusing on the Garden's future a priority. By designing and following a plan to rebuild relationships, redefine roles, and set a new direction, the Garden emerged stronger. It is more focused and ready to meet the challenges ahead. With final County approval in hand, all past impediments to proceeding have been removed.

How will my contribution be used?

Your contribution will create new gardens and improve other plant displays and finance construction of a new conservation building. The building is slated to open in late 2015 or early 2016. In addition, we will upgrade the Garden's infrastructure and add $3 million to the existing endowment to sustain expanded operations.

Why should I contribute to the Garden?

The Garden is truly a Santa Barbara treasure. The Garden is unique among botanic gardens in that it features all native plants. The important research and conservation work being done here is helping to conserve and restore California’s native resources.

Has the Garden recovered from the fire?

The Garden is flourishing. Many visitors do not know we had a fire. Sadly the Jesusita Fire damaged buildings and burned 70% of our acreage. This campaign is your opportunity to further our recovery with updated and expanded gardens and facilities.

Who are the Garden's leaders?

The Garden's Executive Director, Dr. Steve Windhager, came to the Garden in 2011 from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. His enthusiasm for native plants coupled with his ability to build consensus have rallied the community around the Garden. The Garden's Board of Trustees, who come from diverse professional backgrounds, manage the Garden's fiscal responsibility, and assist the Executive Director with this thoughtful and visionary plan for the Garden's future. Through the Seed the Future campaign, the Garden has involved members of our community to assist in reaching the larger campaign goal. The campaign co-chairs are Ed Birch, Executive Director of the Mosher Foundation and John Wiemann, Vice Chancellor Emeritus, UCSB.

What are the Garden's needs?

Agriculture and urban expansion have encroached on California's natural areas causing the loss of 70% of our native plants and pressuring habitats that remain. The Garden works to prevent additional losses by preserving plant species against extinction and conducting research into improved land management practices. Our work, however, is challenged by facilities inadequate to the task. Through the Seed the Future campaign, the new conservation building will facilitate this effort. By adding to our endowment, we will ensure these programs are sustained over the long-term.

How does a gift to the Capital Campaign differ from regular contributions?

It is a special financial commitment made above and beyond your regular contributions.

How often can I make a donation?

You can donate as often as you would like or until you reach your commitment. The pledge payment period spans up to five years. Once you reach your goal, you can make another commitment. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

Can I make non-cash contributions such as real estate, stocks or bonds?

The Garden will gladly accept property or other financial instruments. Our policy is to sell them right away to fully realize the value of your gift at the time it is given.

My contribution is small. Why should I give?

All gifts, regardless of the amount, are vital to our success. Equally important is your commitment and that of the community to the project.

Can my spouse and I make separate commitments?

Yes, if you do, we would ask each of you to complete separate commitment cards.

Will everyone know the amount of my commitment?

The exact amount of your commitment will be kept confidential. However, we will recognize your commitment within the appropriate named-level unless you request anonymity.
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Can I leave something to the Garden in my estate plan?

Estate gifts are critical to the long-term health of the Garden and we are happy to accept them. If the gift or irrevocable commitment is realized within the campaign time-frame, we can count it towards the goal.

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To Learn More about, or to Make a Donation in support of the Seed the Future Comprehensive Campaign, please call the Development Department at (805) 690-1697.

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