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Most children don’t grow up surrounded by places and experiences that inspire an appreciation for native plants. The Garden can be that place and more. It can be a gateway for all individuals to understand the immense potential of plants in supporting a healthier world.

-Denise Knapp, Ph.D., SBBG Director of Conservation & Research

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Thank you for helping us foster a love for the natural world and the native plants that are its foundation. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is thriving and with your support we will continue to flourish.

In January, the Garden will celebrate its 90th year of championing the beauty and importance of conserving California’s stunning botanic diversity. During our anniversary year we will finish many of the projects funded by our successful Seed the Future campaign, including five new and renovated gardens. In late spring we hope you will join us in launching the beginning of a more dynamic era for native plant preservation in our state with the grand opening of our Pritzlaff Conservation Center.

For the Garden’s anniversary year, we invite all our supporters to consider making a larger year-end gift to benefit the Conservation Capstone Campaign. This six-month, $750,000 fundraising effort will help fully outfit the laboratories, gardens, and energy efficiency components of our new building, making us one of the most effective plant conservation organizations on the Central Coast. It will also provide seed money for our newest conservation projects while supporting the Garden’s other core programming areas in horticulture and education.

Why conservation and why now?  Conservation has always been at the heart of the Garden’s mission. We must protect California’s native plants not only for their beauty and intrinsic value, but because they support natural processes vital to the well-being of wildlife and people.

With more than 30% of the state’s 6,500 plant species considered to be of conservation concern, the need for action is urgent. The Garden has a 90 year history of studying the diversity, distributions, and threats to these foundations of life, and has helped safeguard some of our state’s most threatened plants. With your support we can do more.

The Garden's Conservation Technician, Chris Garoutte, examines a native insect pollinatorSeeing is believing. The Garden’s new Pritzlaff Conservation Center is designed to support significant plant conservation and research during a time when many universities are scaling back both botany research and classes. To engage and empower the public to understand and ultimately embrace the Garden’s conservation efforts, visitors will be able to view examples of how we work through our laboratory windows. Typical activities include:

  • Preparing the seeds of endangered plants for long-term storage in our conservation seed bank, and
  • Classifying and mounting dried plants from around the state for study in the Clifton Smith Herbarium, a resource of more than 150,000 specimens used by botanists worldwide

This work supports our regional conservation projects, including:

  • Improving agricultural outcomes through the use of native plant hedgerows that support more crop pollinators and beneficial insects
  • Developing smarter strategies for restoration by understanding the networks of insects that use native plants, and
  • Mapping the evolution of species through plant genetics research to better predict the impact of climate change and other threats to species and their habitats

The Garden will always be a place of beauty and a landmark for those who love our region’s unique ecology. With your continued investment in our gardens and programs, we are also becoming a more vibrant institution, better equipped to address the growing needs of threatened plants and habitats, and the people and wildlife that depend on them.

image of SBBG 'Donate Now' buttonPlease renew your commitment to the Garden with a gift to the Conservation Capstone Campaign today. All year-end gifts will jointly support these essential efforts. To learn more, visit or call Nina Dunbar, Director of Development at (805) 682-4726, ext. 151.

Again, thank you for your investment in the Garden and its future.

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Steve Windhager, Ph.D.
Executive Director
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Peter Schuyler
Garden Trustee and
Conservation Capstone Committee Chair

P.S. Save the date:  April 30, 2016 – Pritzlaff Conservation Center Grand Opening Celebration.


The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden fosters the conservation of California's native plants through
our gardens, research and education, and serves as a role model of sustainable practices.