Water Use

Collecting water and reducing the overall use of it in a garden are the twin strategies for achieving water conservation. New exhibits aimed at demonstrating water reduction techniques include a mulch display, an irrigation display, and the plantings themselves. All plantings in the Home Demonstration Garden were reevaluated, and many were replaced. New plantings emphasize our Easy Eight –California native plants the Garden endorses as beautiful, easy to grow, and fairly drought tolerant.


Laundry to Landscape

Some forms of household water, often termed 'grey water', can be safely reused in home landscapes. Our project will include an exhibit that demonstrates how to plumb and operate a functioning washing machine for use in a grey water system. The laundry water will be deposited into the dry creek bed.


The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden fosters the conservation of California's native plants through
our gardens, research and education, and serves as a role model of sustainable practices.

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