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image of Blaksley Boulder at SBBG image of Mission Dam at SBBG, photo by Matt Clark

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Meadow Revival Project

image of two young women in SBBG Meadow, surrounded by poppies and lupines, ca. 1940s, photo by Jack WilkesThe Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is excited to bring back the glory of its historic Meadow landscape display, preserving the core of this amazing historic landmark garden.

This Meadow Revival Project will be multi-faceted and time intensive, with final completion scheduled by 2015.


  • Spring 2013 - Winter 2014


  • Restoration of Meadow border
  • Complete Renovation of Meadow interior
  • Removal of invasive 'weedy' species
  • Restoration of preferred native species in the seed bank
  • Revitalized planting of the Meadow

Please visit the Meadow Revival Project page

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden fosters the conservation of California's native plants through
our gardens, research and education, and serves as a role model of sustainable practices.