Rare Plant Lists

Names used in these lists generally follow those used in The Jepson Manual (2012), edited by B. Baldwin, D. Goldman, R. Patterson, T. Rosatti, and D. Wilken. University of California Press, Berkeley.

California Natural Diversity Database: 

Plants considered rare and potentially vulnerable to extinction are tracked by the California Department of Fish and Game’s Natural Diversity Database.  These lists are updated biennially and can be accessed at: Special Vascular Plants, Bryophytes and Lichens List and State and Federally Listed Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Plants of California.

Rare Plants of Santa Barbara County: 

Plants considered rare in Santa Barbara County by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden:  Santa Barbara County Rare Plant List (compiled by Dr. Dieter Wilken, Director of Conservation, SBBG). 

Important Plant Species of Ventura County: 

Plants considered sufficiently rare to be given special conservation attention by the Ventura County Planning Division: Ventura County Locally Important Plants.

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service: 

Plants listed as either threatened or endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in California’s central coast region:   Central Coast Rare Plant List.

Los Padres National Forest: 

Plants listed as sensitive and given special protection by the Los Padres National Forest.