Center for Plant Conservation

As one of 38 active members of the CPC, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is the only organization in California’s central coast region actively developing and maintaining a conservation collection of rare and endangered species.  We contribute to developing the National Collection, provide information on rare plants in our area, conduct collaborative work on recovery, and participate in inventory and monitoring efforts.

The Garden has been a member of the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) since 1996.  The CPC is a non-profit organization that focuses on preventing the extinction of the most imperiled plants in the United States.  The national office, located at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, coordinates member institutions in such activities as the exchange of information, communication of current conservation issues, important publications, and provides assistance in developing their respective conservation programs.  The most critical role of the CPC is to foster development of a National Collection of Endangered Plants, composed of seeds, living plants, and tissue cultures, which are held by member institutions and the USDA’s National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation.

Through cooperation with private and public resource management agencies, seeds and living plants are collected in the wild to represent genetic and geographic variation.  The Garden’s work on state and federally listed species has been implemented through cooperative agreements, memoranda of understanding, and/or permits with/from the California Department of Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management, the Los Padres National Forest, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Channel Islands National Park.

California - Dancing with Extinction:

This special edition of the Plant Conservation newsletter focuses on the nation's No. 2 hotspot for critically imperiled plant diversity - California! A collaboration of the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC), the University of Missouri School of Journalism and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Visit the CPC website to download Dancing with Extinction and to explore additional online resources focused on conservation in California.

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SBBG National Collection Species

Arabis hoffmannii
Common Names: Hoffmann's rock cress
Taxon Synonyms: Arabis maxima var. hoffmannii
Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard or Crucifer Family)

Arctostaphylos cruzensis
Common Names: Arroyo de la Cruz Manzanita
Family: Ericaceae (Heath Family)

Arenaria paludicola
Common Names: Marsh Sandwort, Swamp Sandwort
Taxon Synonyms: Alsine palustre, Minuartia paludicola
Family: Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family)

Astragalus pycnostachyus var. lanosissimus
Common Names: marsh milkvetch, Ventura marsh milkvetch
Taxon Synonyms: Phaca lanosissima Rydberg
Family: Fabaceae (Bean Family)

Berberis pinnata ssp. insularis
Common Names: island barberry
Taxon Synonyms: Mahonia pinnata ssp. insularis
Family: Berberidaceae (Barberry Family)

Calycadenia villosa
Common Names: dwarf calycadenia, dwarf rosin-weed
Taxon Synonyms: Hemizonia douglasii
Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

Ceanothus impressus var. nipomensis
Common Names: Nipomo Ceanothus
Family: Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn Family)

Chlorogalum purpureum var. purpureum
Common Names: purple amole
Taxon Synonyms: Laothoe purpurea
Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family)

Chlorogalum purpureum var. reductum
Common Names: Camatta Canyon amole
Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family)

Deinandra increscens ssp. villosa
Common Names: Gaviota Tarplant
Taxon Synonyms: Hemizonia increscens ssp. villosa
Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

Dudleya nesiotica
Common Names: Santa Cruz Island dudleya, Santa Cruz Island liveforever
Taxon Synonyms: Hasseanthus nesioticus
Family: Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family)

Dudleya traskiae
Common Names: Santa Barbara Island Dudleya, Santa Barbara Island Liveforever
Taxon Synonyms: Stylophyllum traskiae
Family: Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family

Helianthemum greenei
Common Names: island rush-rose
Family: Cistaceae (Rock-rose Family)

Lavatera assurgentiflora ssp. glabra
Common Names: Southern Island Lavatera, Southern Island Mallow
Family: Malvaceae (Mallow Family)

Lupinus nipomensis
Common Names: Nipomo Dune Lupine, Nipomo Mesa Lupine
Family: Fabaceae (Bean Family)

Pogogyne clareana
Common Names: Santa Lucia pogogyne, Santa Lucia mint
Family: Lamiaceae (Mint Family)

Rorippa gambelii
Common Names: Gambel's Watercress
Taxon Synonyms: Nasturtium gambellii
Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard or Crucifer Family)

Thermopsis macrophylla
Common Names: Santa Ynez false lupine, Santa Ynez goldenbanner
Taxon Synonyms: Thermopsis macrophylla var. agnina, Thermopsis macrophylla var. macrophylla
Family: Fabaceae (Bean Family)

Thysanocarpus conchuliferus
Common Names: Santa Cruz Island Fringepod, Santa Cruz Island Lacepod, Island Fringepod
Taxon Synonyms: Thysanocarpus laciniatus var. conchuliferus
Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard or Crucifer Family)

Tropidocarpum capparideum
Common Names: Caper-fruited Tropidocarpum
Family: Brassicaceae (Mustard or Crucifer Family)

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