Day Trips & Travel

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden offers a wide variety of field trips (ranging from day trips to extended travel opportunities) throughout California to educate participants about the native flora, vegetation, ecology, and natural history of the state.

Information about currently scheduled field trips and field courses is available in the Leaves of Learning portion of the Ironwood
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SBBG Registrar, call (805) 682-4726 ext 102.
 early as many of these programs fill quickly!
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Monolopia at Carrizo taken by Heather Schneider

Seeds of Success Scouting Trip

April 25, 2018

Collect environmental data, take photos, and herbarium specimens as part of our Citizen Science Project: Seeds of Success

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Image of Participants at Christy Ranch on Santa Cruz Island taken by Kate Davis

Day Trip to Scorpion Ranch

May 1, 2018

Santa Cruz Island: Participants will tour the historic buildings and their surroundings at Scorpion Ranch, and also explore some of the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island on foot with island expert Steve Junak. 

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Image of Scientist assessing subplots taken by Denise Knapp

Botanical Toolkit: Plant Research & Monitoring

May 4, 2018

CANCELLED: Vegetation sampling allows us to compare management or restoration techniques, answer ecological questions, and track changes over time – but how to choose which is best for which habitat type and which question?

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Image of Fraser Point on Santa Cruz Island taken by Kate Davis

Santa Cruz Island Trip

May 14, 2018 - May 17, 2018

Celebrate spring on the largest and most diverse of the California Channel Islands. Visit Santa Cruz Island with the Garden for this 4-day trip

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Image of Coal Oil Point taken by Alan Prichard

Secrets in the Cliffs

May 19, 2018

Coal Oil Point: Explore the cliffs of Isla Vista to see up close how seismic activity creates a marine terrace.

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image of Eating lunch on Santa Rosa Island taken by Kate Davis

Santa Rosa Island Trip

May 20, 2018 - May 23, 2018

Experience the unique botany and landscape of second-largest of the eight California Channel Islands. 

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Image of Carrizo Nemophila hill with Garden staff and volunteers taken by California Chaparral Institute

Botanical Toolkit: Seed Collections

June 1, 2018

CANCELLED: Learn how to plan and implement seed collections for both conservation and restoration purposes.

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Image of Malacothrix saxatalis var. arachnoidea taken by Donald Myrick © California Academy of Sciences

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt: Cliff Aster

June 22, 2018

Search along Buckhorn Rd. for the Carmel Valley Cliff Aster

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Image of Ceanothus megacarpus in flower on hillsides of Rattlesnake Canyon taken by Steve Junak

Trails Less Traveled

June 23, 2018

Rattlesnake Canyon: Join naturalist Alan Prichard on an exploration of the geology (and archeology!) of lower Rattlesnake Canyon.

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Image of Calochortus fimbriatus taken by Heather Schneider

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt: Mariposa Lily

July 14, 2018

Search for the rare Late-Flowered Mariposa Lily at Tunnel Rd. up to Inspiration Point.

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