The California Phenology Project

Date: Monday, April 28, 2014

Time: 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Instructor: Dr. Susan Mazer, Field Director, The California Phenology Project -and- Professor of Plant Ecology & Evolution, University of California, Santa Barbara

Location: Blaksley Library

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Using phenology to detect plant responses to climate change:

The California Phenology Project (CPP)

The California Phenology Project (CPP) is a new state-wide monitoring program funded by the National Park Service (NPS) to track the effects of climate change on the seasonal behavior of our flora and fauna.

Come to this workshop to learn about phenology and the CPP: 

Phenology is the study of the timing of seasonal plant and animal life cycle events, such as the flowering and fruiting of plants and the hatching or fledging of birds.

  • What species are we monitoring in California?
  • How does climate affect their leafing, flowering and fruiting?
  • Which species are most sensitive to climatic conditions? 

Learn about the nationwide USA-National Phenology Network 

The California Phenology Project needs you!

In order to detect the causes and consequences of variation in plant and animal phenology, scientists require large quantities of data, across large geographic areas.

To achieve this goal, the CPP invites residents across California to aid in observing key phenological events in ecologically important plants:

  • The CPP is recruiting volunteers interested in participating in the parks, in University of California Natural Reserves, in other wildlands, or in their own backyards and communities
  • Volunteers assist by monitoring plants using the standardized methods developed by the USA-National Phenology Network and used across the USA, allowing observations in California to be compared to observations collected elsewhere
  • Since 2011, citizen scientists, educators, and national park staff have contributed over 460,000 observations to the California Phenology Project
  • The CPP has begun this work in seven California National Parks

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