Date: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Time: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Instructor: BranchOut Team

Location: Garden Grounds

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$12 members; $18 nonmembers

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Kids Outdoor Adventures

BranchOut LogoBranchOut designs games that give kids an experience in nature they will never forget. Modeled off the popular "escape room" movement, their timed missions challenge families to work together to unlock clues by exploring the world around them.

BranchOut was started by three students at UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management as part of a Master’s Thesis Project. The team came together over a shared concern that kids aren’t spending enough time out in nature and began looking for fun, new ways to engage families outdoors. Inspired by their experiences working with children and listening to parents, they developed BranchOut to help kids foster teamwork and critical thinking skills while building positive experiences and a connection to their local environment.

The Garden will be hosting BranchOut’s new Perilous Mountain Trek theme on November 11th. While embarking on a notoriously difficult mountainous hike, a member of your group falls seriously ill. Your team needs to identify which plants are edible to stock your rations and explore old ruins and artifacts to uncover a rare plant that is fabled to cure your teammate's symptoms. Join us for this game of mystery, intrigue, and suspense, as you work together to bring your crew to safety!

Guardians are encouraged to participate in this family event; all participating guardians/adults must also reserve a spot when signing up. (Ages 7 and up)

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required to guarantee a spot.

Admission to the Garden is free with registration.

Click here to visit their event page and sign up for a time slot

BranchOut Team

Image of Branch Out Team taken by Kate DavisRick Thomas has a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara and a BS in Ecology and BA in Humanities from UC San Diego. He spent a number of years working as a soccer coach and camp counselor and has witnessed children’s shift away from nature firsthand. He conducted research on the health benefits of nature exposure at Stanford University and will be a co-author on an upcoming paper of the findings.

Nicole Poletto received her Master's in Environmental Science and Management in 2017 from the University of California, Santa Barbara and BS in Environmental Science from Villanova University in 2012. She has extensive experience as a program coordinator for an environmental education program engaging K-12 students in hands-on service learning opportunities. In addition to experience in education and community engagement, Nicole has co-founded two nonprofit organizations: one for teens with Asperger’s syndrome and the other focused on environmental service learning.

Lindsay Martien received her Master's in Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara in 2017, a BS in Marine Biology from UCLA in 2013, and has completed coursework through UC Berkeley Extension’s Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture. Combining her background in conservation planning, community outreach, and landscape design, Lindsay worked with Petaluma non-profit Daily Acts to design and install a 3,000-square-foot native plant learning garden at a local elementary school.

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