Advanced Native Plant Garden Maintenance

Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017

Time: 10:00AM - 1:30PM

Instructor: Antonio Sanchez



The first few years of a native plant garden can be stress-free and full of flowers and abundant growth. But what's a gardener to do once a garden becomes established and plants start to die from overwater or seem to be weak and stunted, while others become woody and overgrown and may even show signs of disease? This workshop helps both the new and experienced gardener understand how to deal with native plants in gardens once they have been established, and instills in the gardener the confidence to keep a healthy, green, low-input garden all year long. Specific topics to be covered include: winter division and pruning, fertilizing, irrigation and drought, tips for making your garden shine during the dry season, pest management, seeding wildflowers and more.