Whether you are a nature-lover interested in learning more about the natural world around you, a novice home gardener who wants to learn about horticultural techniques, an advanced professional seeking specialized training, or you simply enjoy the aesthetics of nature's bounty through art or photography, the Garden's educational programs have something for everyone. Our expert staff and local professionals provide participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge by offering courses that address a range of topics for participants of all levels of knowledge and interests. 

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image of California quail in the ground cover display section of the Meadow at SBBG ~ photo by Tricia Wardlaw

Landscape for Life

July 11, 2015 - July 25, 2015

How to work with nature in your garden, no matter where you live!

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image of child exploring Mission Creek during SBBG summer nature camp

Garden Exploration: Creek Critters

July 11, 2015

Does exploring the creek on a summer day sound like a great way to spend a morning?

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Photo of Great Horned Owl in Sycamore by M. S. Muckley

Garden Explorations: Awesome Owls

July 18, 2015

learn more about the owls in the Garden!

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Photo of Ferocactus by Dieter Wilken

Garden Explorations: Thorns, Prickles, and Spines

July 25, 2015

What is the difference between thorns, spines and prickles?

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image of Monarch caterpillar on California native milkweed plant

Garden Exploration: Milkweed, Monarchs and more

August 1, 2015

Do you know about all the other insects and other animals that rely on this single native plant?

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Picture of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Meadow

Garden Explorations: Catastrophe in Mission Canyon

August 8, 2015

What on earth is the catastrophe in Mission Canyon?

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image of Matilija Poppy in the SBBG Meadow, photo by Tricia Wardlaw

Sketching the Natives

August 21, 2015 - September 18, 2015

Botanical drawing is a time-honored way of studying and appreciating the natural world

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Painting of Soil by Peter Gaede

Digging Deeper: Understanding Soil

August 22, 2015

The time to plan for fall planting is now!

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image of wood bench in California native plant landscape garden, photo by Bruce Reed

Design Ideas for Your Native Garden: Start With a Plan

August 29, 2015

Bruce Reed, SBBG Horticulturist, presents some guiding principles for conceiving and establishing home gardens with native plants

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California Naturalist Program logo

California Naturalist Program

September 2, 2015 - November 4, 2015

Join us for this innovative program developed to foster a committed corps of volunteer naturalists and citizen scientists.

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