Staff List

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: 1212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
telephone: (805) 682-4726  fax: (805) 563-0352

Frequently Called Numbers - Dial (805) 682-4726 plus the extension:

  • Communications: ext. 132
  • Development: ext. 133
  • Garden Gift Shop: ext. 112
  • Garden Growers Retail Nursery: ext. 114
  • Library: ext. 107
  • Membership: ext. 156
  • Registrar: ext. 102

If you have a general question, please use the Contact Us web form.

SBBG Staff email*:

*Note: All email addresses listed below require adding after email name. For example, to email 'info' you would add after name to obtain full email address. Result ''


Steve Windhager, Ph.D.
Executive Director
email: swindhager
805-682-4726 x123

Kathy Castaneda
Manager of Volunteer Programs
email: kcastaneda
805-682-4726 x119 

Joan G. Evans
Registrar and Accounting Assistant
email: jevans
805-682-4726 x102

Jill Freeland
Director's Executive Assistant & HR Manager
email: jfreeland
805-682-4726 x108

Gayle Kopitzke
email: gkopitzke
805-682-4726 x125

Marquita Macomber
Accounting Assistant
805-682-4726 x131

Ed Marini
Manager, Design + Construction
email: emarini
805-682-4726 x116

Blaksley Library, SBBGPhotos, SBBG Website Admin

Randy Wright
Information Resource Steward
email: rwright
805-682-4726 x107

Conservation and Research

Denise Knapp, Ph.D.
Director of Conservation and Research
email: dknapp
805-682-4726 x128

Matt Guilliams, Ph.D.
Ken and Shirley Tucker Systematist, Herbarium Curator
email: mguilliams
805-682-4726 x124

Heather Schneider, Ph.D.
Rare Plant Biologist
805-682-4726 x148

Stephanie Calloway
Conservation Technician
email: scalloway
805-682-4726 x150

Sherwin Carlquist, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: scarlquist

Steve Junak
Research Associate
email: sjunak

Kristen Lehman
Conservation Geneticist & Laboratory Manager
email: klehman
805 682-4726 x150

Dieter Wilken, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: dwilken
805-682-4726 x124

Development and Communications

Stephanie Linder
Director of Development & Communications
email: slinder
805-682-4726 x133

Nina Dunbar
Deputy Director of Development 
email: ndunbar
805-682-4726 x151

Brittney Burrows
Events Coordinator
email: bburrows
805-682-4726 x103

Flannery Hill
Marketing & Membership Manager
805-682-4726 x132

Michele Lingiardi
Development Associate
email: mlingiardi
805-682-4726 x156

Paula Schaefer
Multimedia Coordinator
email: pschaefer
805-682-4726 X121


Frédérique Lavoipierre
Director of Education
email: flavoipierre
805-682-4726 x111

Kate Davis
Interpretation and Evaluation Coordinator
email: kdavis
805-682-4726 x160

Michelle Gee
Education Office Assistant
email: mgee
805-682-4726 x161

Education Tours Hotline
805-682-4726 x161

Gift Shop

Stacy Bloodworth
Shop Manager
email: sbloodworth
805-682-4726 x122

Gail Milliken
Shop Assistant
email: gmilliken
805-682-4726 x113

Susan Burke
Shop Assistant
email: sburke
805-682-4726 x112

Deborah Lupo
Shop Assistant
email: dlupo
805-682-4726 x112


Betsy Collins
Director of Horticulture
email: bcollins
805-682-4726 x104

Robert Carrillo
email: rcarrillo

John Cornejo
Maintenance Technician
email: jcornejo

Dave Kershaw
Head Gardener
email: dkershaw
805-682-4726 x155

Wesley Franken
email: wfranken

Manuel Gonzalez
email: mannyg

Betsy Lape
Living Collections Coordinator
email: blape
805-682-4726 x152

James Lechuga
Facilities Manager
email: jlechuga
805-682-4726 x126

Antony Lee
email: alee
805-682-4726 x632

Jason Nelson
email: jnelson
805-682-4726 x609

Geege Ostroff
email: gostroff
805-682-4726 x608

Bruce Reed
email: breed
805-682-4726 x114

Nick Resler

Antonio Sanchez

Heather Wehnau
Propagation Manager
email: hwehnau
805-682-4726 x130

Bonnie Whitney
Plant Propagation Assistant
email: bwhitney

Patrick Wiley
Nursery Technician
email: pwiley

Visitor Services

Barbara Backlund
Visitor Services Manager
email: bbacklund
805-682-4726 x118

Ashley Brown
Visitor Services Representative
email: abrown

Dana Crampton
Visitor Services Representative
email: dcrampton
805-682-4726 x633

Mary Flood
Visitor Services Representative
805-682-4726 x618

Tom Rhodes
Visitor Services Representative
email: trhodes
805-682-4726 x624

Firth Wilkinson
Visitor Services Representative
email: fwilkinson
(805) 682-4726 x149


*Note: All email addresses listed below require adding after email name. For example, to email 'info' you would add after name to obtain full email address. Result ''