Staff List

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: 1212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
telephone: (805) 682-4726  fax: (805) 563-0352

Frequently Called Numbers - Dial (805) 682-4726 plus the extension:

  • Communications: ext. 132
  • Development: ext. 151
  • Garden Gift Shop: ext. 112
  • Garden Growers Retail Nursery: ext. 114
  • Library: ext. 107
  • Membership: ext. 110
  • Registrar: ext. 102

If you have a general question, please use the Contact Us web form.

SBBG Staff email*:

*Note: All email addresses listed below require adding after email name. For example, to email 'info' you would add after name to obtain full email address. Result '[email protected]'


Steve Windhager, Ph.D.
Executive Director
email: swindhager
805-682-4726 x123

Kathy Castaneda
Manager of Volunteer Programs
email: kcastaneda
805-682-4726 x119 

Joan Evans
Registrar and Accounting Assistant
email: jevans
805-682-4726 x102

Jill Freeland
Director's Executive Assistant & Coordinator of HR and Special Projects
email: jfreeland
805-682-4726 x108

Gayle Kopitzke
email: gkopitzke
805-682-4726 x125

Marquita Macomber
Accounting Assistant

Ed Marini
Manager, Design + Construction
email: emarini
805-682-4726 x116

Blaksley Library, SBBGPhotos, SBBG Website Admin

Randy Wright
Information Resource Steward
email: rwright
805-682-4726 x107

Conservation and Research

Denise Knapp, Ph.D.
Director of Conservation and Research
email: dknapp
805-682-4726 x128

Matt Guilliams, Ph.D.
Ken and Shirley Tucker Systematist, Herbarium Curator
email: mguilliams
805-682-4726 x124

Heather Schneider, Ph.D.
Rare Plant Biologist

Chris Garoutte
Conservation Technician
email: cgaroutte
805-682-4726 x 105

Sherwin Carlquist, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: scarlquist

Steve Junak
Research Associate
email: sjunak

Robert Muller, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: rmuller
805-682-4726 x150

Dieter Wilken, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: dwilken
805-682-4726 x124

Development and Communications

Stephanie Linder
Director of Development and Communications
email: slinder
805-682-4726 x133

Nina Dunbar
Deputy Director of Development and Communications
email: ndunbar
805-682-4726 x151

Brittney Burrows
Development Associate for Events
email: bburrows
805-682-4726 x103

Michele Lingiardi
Development Associate
email: mlingiardi
805-682-4726 x156

Rebecca Mordini
Communications Manager
email: rmordini
805-682-4726 x 132

Laura Muasher
Membership Coordinator
email: lmuasher
805-682-4726 x110

Paula Schaefer
Multimedia Coordinator
email: pschaefer
805-682-4726 x121



Frédérique Lavoipierre
Director of Education
email: flavoipierre
805-682-4726 x111

Kate Davis
Education Programs Coordinator
email: kdavis
805-682-4726 x160

Michelle Gee
Education Office Assistant
email: mgee
805-682-4726 x161

Bob Haller, Ph.D.
Research Associate
email: bhaller
805-682-4726 x148

Education Tours Hotline
email: [email protected]
805-682-4726 x161

Gift Shop

Stacy Bloodworth
Shop Manager
email: sbloodworth
805-682-4726 x122

Gail Milliken
Assistant Garden Shop Manager
email: gmilliken
805-682-4726 x113

Susan Burke
Shop Assistant
email: sburke

Patricia Cox
Shop Assistant
email: pcox

Lynda Kreutzkampf
Shop Assistant
email: lkreutzkampf
805-682-4726 x613


Betsy Collins
Director of Horticulture
email: bcollins
805-682-4726 x104

Robert Carrillo
email: rcarrillo

John Cornejo
Maintenance Technician
email: jcornejo

Dave Kershaw
Head Gardener
email: dkershaw
805-682-4726 x155

Wesley Franken
email: wfranken

Hannah Garcia
Nursery Technician
email: hgarcia

Manuel Gonzalez
email: mannyg
805-682-4726 x607

Adam Kuster

Betsy Lape
Living Collections Coordinator
email: blape
805-682-4726 x152

James Lechuga
Facilities Manager
email: jlechuga
805-682-4726 x109

Antony Lee
email: alee
805-682-4726 x632

Jason Nelson
email: jnelson
805-682-4726 x609

Geege Ostroff
email: gostroff
805-682-4726 x608

Bruce Reed
email: breed
805-682-4726 x114

Aimee Ross

Heather Wehnau
Plant Propagation Manager
email: hwehnau
805-682-4726 x130

Bonnie Whitney
Plant Propagation Assistant
email: bwhitney

Visitor Services

Barbara Backlund
Visitor Services Manager
email: bbacklund
805-682-4726 x118

Michaela Ackerman
Visitor Services Representative
email: mackerman
805-682-4726 x620

Dana Crampton
Visitor Services Representative
email: dcrampton
805-682-4726 x633

Mary Flood
Visitor Services Representative
805-682-4726 x618

Tom Rhodes
Visitor Services Representative
email: trhodes
805-682-4726 x624

Pamela Norris
Visitor Services Representative
email: pnorris
(805) 682-4726 x149


*Note: All email addresses listed below require adding after email name. For example, to email 'info' you would add after name to obtain full email address. Result '[email protected]'