Drought Tolerant -AND- Beautiful

May 23, 2014

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Dear Friend,

Did you know that native plant gardens have been shown to use 83% less water than traditional gardens?

Santa Barbara is experiencing the driest consecutive three years on record. In response, this week the Santa Barbara City Council declared a Stage Two Drought that will require a 20% reduction in community water usage. New water use regulations will help conservation efforts, but the best way to reduce water is to evaluate your landscape watering practices—a shocking 50% of the city’s water usage goes to landscaping.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden works to change attitudes and behaviors that lead to the conservation of California's native plants. Among their many benefits, native plants have evolved over centuries to survive our state’s most extreme weather conditions without the benefit of a watering hose.

Changing attitudes and behaviors about California natives and long-term drought starts with each of us.

Get inspired--learn the benefits and skills of gardening with California natives in one of the many classes, workshops, and lectures at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Visit our Garden Growers Nursery to speak with staff and trained volunteers about your specific gardening needs. Finally, use the Garden as your second backyard and explore the possibilities of living among natives and the bountiful wildlife they support.

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Steve Windhager, Ph.D.
Executive Director

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: drought tolerant AND beautiful

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