Annual Photo Contest

Celebrate Spring!
Submit your favorite wildflower and wild place images
March 1st to May 31st

March 1, 2013

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Please join in the celebration of California Native Plants and Wildflowers by sharing your photographs with the Garden in our 3rd Annual Photo Contest.

Contest rules and submission details

Wildflower or other native plant images should fit one or more of the following categories:

  • California Native Plants in Your Garden
  • California Native Plants in the Wild
  • California Native Plants at SBBG

within each of the above categories, themes are:

  • Macro (Close-up)
  • Panorama (Extra-wide)
  • Landscape
  • with Person/People/Animals

Photographs can be close-up, a field of flowers, or extra-wide, panoramic images; can include insects, birds and other animals; can be with or without people.

Winners will receive prizes, and winning photos will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Ironwoodon the Garden's website and on the SBBGPhotos website.

Entries must be received no later than May 31, 2013
Thank you and happy shooting!

View images from the 2012 Photo Contest

image of Hummingbird in the Desert Section at SBBG, photo by Leonard Porzio image of SBBG Docent with children in the Meadow, photo by Michael Horns image of Horsefly on Dendromecon flower, photo by Ron Williams image of California Quail pair at the Garden, photo by Lynn Watson

Contest rules and submission details