2013 SBBG Photo Contest Winners

June 28, 2013

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is pleased to announce the winners of
the 3rd Annual SBBG Photo Contest:

A celebration of California native plants at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, in your garden, and in the wild!

Grand Prize Photographer:

Ian K. Ross

image of finch on Salvia in the SBBG Meadow, photo by Ian K. RossSongster in the Meadow

Photo by Ian K. Ross

image of Carpenteria californica (Bush anemone) in the Garden, photo by Ian K. RossCarpenteria californica
(Bush anemone) in the Garden

Photo by Ian K. Ross

image of California quail amongst yellow Mimulus flowers in the Meadow at SBBG, photo by Ian K. RossCalifornia quail amongst Mimulus in the Meadow

Photo by Ian K. Ross

First Place Photographer:

Ronald Williams

image of Paeonia californica (California peony) flower in bud, photo by Ronald WilliamsPaeonia californica
(California Peony) in the wild

Photo by Ronald Williams

image of Calochortus sp., white fairy lanterns, photo by Ronald WilliamsCalochortus sp.
(Fairy lanterns)

Photo by Ronald Williams

image of the Porter Trail with Spring wildflowers, photo by Ronald WilliamsView of the Porter Trail with Spring wildflowers

Photo by Ronald Williams

Second Place Photographer:

Ines Roberts

image of Cuyama Valley spring wildflowers, photo by Ines RobertsCuyama Valley wildflowers

Photo by Ines Roberts

Third Place Photographer:

Anne Beamon

image of hovering honey bee with California poppies, photo by Anne BeamonHovering Honey Bee

Photo by Anne Beamon

Honorable Mention Photographers:

image of California poppy, photo by Dave Dobreski

California poppy

by David Dobreski


image of Nuphar in the Meadow Pond at SBBG, photo by Dan Richards

Nuphar in the Meadow Pond

by Dan Richards


image of California poppies along Santa Barbara coast, photo by Mike Mallen

California poppies on the Santa Barbara coast

by Mike Mallen


image of Mariposa lily with ladybird beetle and bee, photo by Bruce Straits

Insects in the Mariposa lily

by Bruce Straits

Stay tuned! Winning photos will be soon featured in the Fall 2013 issue of The Ironwood, and all photo contest entries will be posted on the SBBGPhotos website.

The Garden is grateful for all of the wonderful images graciously submitted to the Annual SBBG Photo Contest and to the SBBGPhotos archive by so many talented photographers over the years. It is your images of California native plants at the Garden, in the wild, and in your gardens that allow us to tell our story and further our mission to foster the conservation of California's native plants through our gardens, education, and research, and serve as a role model of sustainable practices.