SB Botanic Garden Campbell Bridge

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Cutting

March 8, 2013

Kerry Methner, PhD / CASA Magazine

AS OVER A HUNDRED GUESTS STROLLED INTO THE SANTA BARBARA BOTANIC GARDEN for a community celebration of the completion of the new Campbell Bridge, they were greeted by volunteers with a handmade valentine for each to pin to their lapel.
People walked through the sunlit meadow and moved into the dappled oak and redwood forest to the bridge which spans Mission Creek, and paused. A bright
red ribbon blocked the path across the bridge. Garden Executive Director, Steve Windhager, PhD, greeted the peaceful crowd with a, “Howdy everybody!... Thank you
for coming out today!” He related that without the community, this bridge wouldn’t have been possible.
image of the new Campbell BridgeNearly everyone in the crowd had participated in the eff ort to fund the replacement bridge, and, it seemed, most felt proud of the Garden’s accomplishment.
Board of Trustees President, John Brinker, then shared a bit of history of the bridge, that replaced one built in 1941 which was destroyed in the Jesusita Fire of 2009, that also destroyed 70 percent of the Garden. He acknowledged the importance of the community as well. Then, he introduced Peter Lapidus, the General Manager of the
Campbell Bridge Project, who has his own family history of support of the Garden. Lapidus noted that working on the bridge was a wonderful opportunity and that many of the workers on building crews were happy they’d
be able to bring their families back to the Garden and see work they were proud of. “It’s a great feeling to be able to come back and enjoy it,” he explained.
Windhager complimented the many crews, noting they were “Living lightly on the land...something the Garden is trying to do more and more.”
image of Peter Lapidus, Bridge Contractor; John Brinker, Garden Board President; SB City Councilmember Frank Hotchkiss, and Steve Windhager, PhD, SBBG Executive Director at the ribbon cutting ceremonySoon Councilmember Frank Hotchkiss and President Brinker were wielding “gold plated” garden clippers to clip the red ribbon and then inviting the crowd onto the bridge for a photo op.
Refreshments followed as folks made their way across to the far side.
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