Native Blooms Abound

Take a stroll through Santa Barbara's spectacular Botanic Garden.

April 1, 2014

Courtney Ludden (US Airways Magazine)

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is much more than just a pretty place. Seventy-eight acres of stunning landscapes make up one of the most distinctive destinations in the state.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has a seemingly endless array of winding hiking trails, vibrant living displays, and historic landmarks. As the oldest entirely native California garden in the state, visitors need go no further than the Garden to see the flora, fauna, and habitats from all over the region represented in one place.

This cornerstone of the local countryside perfectly exhibits Santa Barbara's mutual embrace of history and nature. Guests meander through redwoods and manzanita groves one moment, visit the Mission Dam and Aqueduct the next, and then take an easy hike up Porter Trail to see sweeping views of the Pacific and the gorgeous Channel Islands. Bring a picnic lunch - few vistas rival the ones here and you'll want to spend an entire afternoon soaking it all in.

image of honey bee hovering over California poppy flowers, SBBG address, photo by Anne BeamonAlthough the Botanic Garden is open year-round, spring is the perfect season to visit. From mid-March through the end of May, the icinoc meadow comes to life in a sea of California poppy, lupine, goldfields, tidy-tips, punchbowl godetia, and blue gilia. If you'd like to connect with your garden affection, this is certainly the time and the place to do it.

From Santa Barbara California's Shining Light - US Airways Magazine, April, 2014